Onwards, Upwards and New Horizons


Brand Shoot for Moxhull Hall, Jan 2020
Brand Shoot for Moxhull Hall, Jan 2020

Our gorgeous new branding

We’ve had 15 fabulous years at Moxhull Hall and as many of you know, we’re always looking to improve and keep moving forward, often renovating, working on new projects and keen to keep the building as well loved as ever.  

Moxhull Hall is not only a truly special place to us but also to so many people who have become our Moxhull Hall family and we have always felt a huge responsibility to do what we can to keep it as such a special and treasured place in people’s hearts.

Since taking over Moxhull in 2004, we have done …. well, far too many weddings to count them all!  We can honestly say that each one has been unique and special and we’ve built a team who have become expert in all things ‘wedding’ and have a true sense of what’s important to couples on the biggest day of their lives.  

So now it’s only natural for us to try and bring Moxhull Hall right up to date,  which of course, these days means creating an online presence.  This has all been very new to us … we’ve never really focused on advertising, marketing or branding before now.  People always find us because they’ve been recommended by a friend or because they’ve been to another wedding here and loved it so much they come back for their own.  But we were told very politely, that we needed to “get with the program’ so we have!

Our new logo …

It’s been a big learning curve for us but fun and exciting too and great to be keeping Moxhull Hall looking it’s best and now for everyone see digitally.  We’ve had some super beautiful, styled photo shoots by Imagine Events and also by The Brand Studio which we loved working on! The brief was to showcase the potential of Moxhull Hall since the recent renovations and highlight all the fabulous possibilities for the wonderful new footprint of the building.

We even had a food styling shoot … yes that’s a thing! We sure did learn a thing of two from Anthony and the food experts at Hospitality Heroes on how to make our food look amazing in pictures and on screens … quite an art it seems!  And the results are… well… mouthwatering! 

So now with fabulous fresh imagery, a brand new website which we are over the moon with, social media platforms doing their thing, blogs, photo shoots and newsletters,  we are delighted to be able to show you beautiful Moxhull Hall in a beautiful new way … hope you love it, we do more than ever.

Brand Shoot for Moxhull Hall, Jan 2020

Best wishes as always.

Andreas & Bobbie